Miniature, High Performance Pressure Sensors and Related Instruments


Designer and Manufacturer of Premium Pressure Sensors since 1973

L’Essor Français Electronique (EFE) has been developing and manufacturing a complete range of pressure transducers since 1973. During this time, we have designed our proprietary advanced sensing technologies and created a unique range of high performance and miniature pressure transducers.

From the beginning, we have catered for customers in the aerospace, marine, military, automotive, Formula-One & Rally, nuclear, oil & gas, research sectors and numerous industrial applications. Our products are designed to be used in the most demanding operating environments and to give highly accurate and reliable measurements.

Sensors from EFE are sold in France and overseas: in Europe, the United States and Asia. Our company devotes considerable resources to research and development programs, co-operating with several research institutes, universities and schools of engineering in France.

Located 60 km west of Paris, we have over 1500 m2 of research and manufacturing facilities including the most advanced automated equipment for manufacturing high performance transducers. Our Engineering Department, responsible for designing all our sensors, from sensing elements to state of the art PCBs, can also develop specific sensors to meet your requirements.

Our quality system is ISO 9001:2008 certified since 1999. Our organisation has been designed to target 100% customer satisfaction. Every sensor manufactured in our factory passes a long burn-in and control process, ensuring the highest performance and stability in our customers’ applications. In the case of custom-made or specific sensors we can add additional tests in our manufacturing process to guarantee the reliability and performance of our products in a specific application. Our manufacturing controls are recorded in our database to ensure good traceability of our production. Our calibration equipment is Cofrac traceable or equivalent and we are able to provide calibration certificates with new or used units.

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