High performance and miniature pressure sensors

Since 1973, EFE has been developing and manufacturing a unique range of high performance pressure sensors. Based on its proprietary advanced sensing technologies, EFE sensors are designed to be used in the harshest environments and to give accurate and reliable measurements.

Our sensors

Our pressure sensors are designed to be used in the most demanding operating environments.
Based on EFE technology they give highly accurate and reliable measurements.

Pressure Sensors


Our miniature pressure sensors, all stainless steel, cover temperatures from -55 to +250°C, pressures from 2 to 3000bar, static or dynamic, and offer several outputs and accuracy options.

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High performance

With EFE latest techniques, our transducers, both analogue and digital, have high accuracy at room temperature as well as ultimate total error band over wide temperature range.

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Harsh environment

Our sensors withstand the harshest environments. EFE technology has been successfully used in applications combining vibrations, temperature. corrosive fluids, radiations, and pulsations.

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We offer several pressure sensors dedicated to applications such as pressure sensors qualified for aerospace, high pressure, extreme temperature and dynamic sensors.

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If your project requires a customs sensor, EFE team of engineers can study your requirements within a reasonable time frame and define the right sensor for your application.

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Our solutions

As a supplier for nearly 50 years to many industries, including aerospace, transportation, energy, defense and research, we have developed unique technologies and sensors to meet the requests of our customers. We present some of these solutions with related products. Do not hesitate to contact us to challenge our team with your application.

Our proprietary pressure sensing technology has been qualified up to very important dose of radiations (1000 kGy). It is common to define as “difficult” an application whose environment...

Our miniature sensors are often embedded and installed as close as possible to the phenomena to be measured, where the temperature is high. The thin-film technology we have been developing for...

Trust our Hydrogen compatible pressure sensors to accompany you in your most innovative projects.Hydrogen has been widely used for a long time but its use remains unknown to the general public....


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