Prior agreement for the return of material

Please complete the following questionnaire. You will receive a prompt response from our sales department with a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number.

Our Return Policy

  • Parts must be within warranty period. (See our Sales Terms for Warranty Conditions)
  • Return transportation to be prepaid and parts must be returned within 30 days of the RMA number being generated.
  • Parts that fall within EFE operating specifications or are deemed defective due to customer misapplication will be be subject to an evaluation fee (135€ for 1 sensor) and calibration fee if applicable. Additional costs will be charged if return of the product is requested.
  • Parts must be returned in adequate condition in proper packaging and shipping material (must adhere to ESD safety precautions, if applicable).
  • If you need immediate replacement, consult your Sales Contact to get a quote for new product(s).
  • Request for Failure Analysis or Corrective Action (FACAR) will be honored in accordance with EFE internal Quality guidelines. Please request a quotation to EFE Sales.


  1. Have an overloaded sensor or high zero output level? Unfortunately, we’re unable to repair any overload damage. If the zero output of the overloaded sensor is stable you may be able to still use the sensor by accounting for the new zero output level. However, the sensor should be tested for accuracy and linearity.
  2. Have a fixed signal, overrange value or signal directly proportional to power supply for non ratiometric amplified sensors, this can be due to a damage of the electronics. Check your power supply and wiring. If this is the case, we’re unfortunately unable to repair this damage on most of our sensors. Being all welded and/or miniature, it is not possible to open mechanically the housing of the sensor without risking to damage it further. Moreover it is not economically worth to proceed this way, as the sensor will have to go through most of the usual production steps, after repair.
  3. If your sensor has undergone a system calibration to an instrument: the sensor, instrument, and any associated cables must all be shipped back to the EFE facility together to maintain the components as a system.

Return Material Advance Agreement Form

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