Our certifications

Our quality system is certified ISO 9001 since 1999 by Lloyd’s Register.

The entire organization of our company is focused on the satisfaction of our customers with whom we wish to establish a long-term partnership. We are pleased to count some of them as customers since the company’s inception, nearly 50 years ago.

Each product delivered undergoes a long cycle of burn-in and testing to ensure performance and longevity in our customers’ applications. Among these tests, 100% of our sensors are calibrated in pressure both at ambiant temperature and within the compensated range. These tests are recorded in our ERP and provide excellent traceability. In the case of specific products, we can add some additional validations to ensure reliability in a particular environment of use.

Our calibration equipments and test facilities are Cofrac certified (or equivalent) and we are able to provide calibration certificates with new products or as part of periodic checks.

Logo ISO : International Organization for Standardization
ISO 9001 certificate of EFE

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