Specialty pressure sensors

Does your application require a customised pressure sensor? EFE can provide you with the right solution in the shortest possible time.

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EFE is committed to meeting each customer’s unique requirements for developing custom solutions. Our teams of highly skilled engineers are ready to turn your ideas into tangible products. Based on existing pressure transducer designs, we offer you a customised design, while guaranteeing quality, reliability and performance.

Thanks to our range of already-qualified products, we satisfy a large number of requests in a short space of time. Every year, we design numerous customised solutions for our customers, drawing on cutting-edge technology and industry best practice.

Our custom pressure transducers include pressure transducers for a variety of applications, such as aerospace, satellites and rockets, qualified to RTCA DO-160 and MIL-STD-810. EFE also offer compact differential pressure transducers for wet/wet measurements, high-pressure transducers up to 3000 bar, and miniature pressure transducers for dynamic applications with a natural frequency of the diaphragm in excess of 300 kHz. Our multi-component sensors can measure both pressure and temperature in a single sensor. For the automotive and motorsport industries, we offer miniature high-pressure and high-temperature sensors for oil and gas applications. Some of our sensors are qualified for nuclear applications, withstanding high levels of radiation (>1 MGy) and magnetic effects (qualified up to 650mT). Finally, we offer hydrogen pressure sensors qualified to RTCA DO-160.

Our company also specialise in the development of bespoke sensors based on detailed specifications provided by our customers. We can provide comprehensive documentation, including drawings, failure mode analyses and reliability studies (MIL-HDBK-217F, FIDES, NPRD95). We can manage the qualification of the sensor with internal or external tests, thanks to our partnerships with specialist laboratories: electrical, environmental, and mechanical tests. For these developments, we draw up a complete design and manufacturing file, guaranteeing production of the sensor throughout the life of your project.

Rely on EFE to develop and manufacture your specific products for a wide range of applications, including automotive, aerospace, marine, military, oil, nuclear and research. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help you successfully complete your projects.


Image of a miniature pressure sensor for marine applications

Miniature pressure sensor for marine applications
Rugged, all inconel construction
Total error band of ± 0.5% over 100°C
Integrated electronics
Double sealing

Image of a highly accurate and stable pressure sensor qualified for nuclear applications

Qualified for nuclear applications
Highly accurate and stable pressure sensor
All Inconel construction
Resistant to gamma radiation
Permanent high temperature operation

High accuracy pressure transmitter designed for sonar applications

Designed for sonar applications
High accuracy pressure transmitter
Waterproof to a depth of 3000 meters
Proven and reliable technology
Over 40 years of experience

EFE Miniature submersible pressure sensor

Miniature submersible pressure sensor
Connector compatible with seawater immersion
Up to 1000 meters depth
The sensor can be adapted to the application

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