High temperature pressure transducers

Our miniature sensors are often embedded and installed as close as possible to the phenomena to be measured, where the temperature is high.

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The thin-film technology we have been developing for more than 30 years is known to be particularly suitable for high temperatures and to offer some of the best performance in these environments. Moreover being all stainless steel, our pressure sensors are compatible with most of the fluids used in the industry. We offer pressure transmitters with integrated electronics up to 175°C and remote modules for higher temperatures up to 250°C.

Our flagship product


The PET160 is a sensor dedicated to pressure measurements in extreme temperatures. Operating up to 250°C, its all stainless steel construction makes it compatible with most liquids and gases used in industry.

Developed using EFE’s thin film technology, its temperature performance and stability are excellent. The PET161 model delivers a low level signal (mV/V). An amplified version (PET164) is also available with a remote amplifier in a compact stainless steel module, remote in the sensor cable and operating up to 125°C. The connecting cable between the sensor and the electronic module, made of Teflon, is covered with a protective metal sheath. The unit is supplied turnkey, paired and calibrated.

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