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If you need to measure pressure in extreme conditions, the PHT860 series of ultra-miniature sensorsis the ideal solution. This sensor is specifically designed for pressure measurements in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +175°C. https://www.efe-sensor.com/product/pht860/

Check out our PHE860 series of pressure sensors on http://www.efe-sensor.com/product/phe860. The PHE860 are designed to operate in environments with thermal stress, mechanical shock and vibration. Their small size and light weight (3 grams) make them particularly suitable for embedded use.

The entire EFE team wishes you a happy new year! We will celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2023! We will be presenting new products, welcoming you at various trade fairs in France and around the world, not forgetting a few surprises to discover throughout the year!

Looking for a #pressure and #temperature sensor? EFE's #PCM160 allows the simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperature at the same point. With its small size, low weight and all-metal construction, it is ideal for on-board applications. More on http://www.efe-sensor.com

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