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EFE has maintained compliance with ISO9001 since 1999 and conforms to the latest ISO9001:2015 standard.

All EFE pressure sensors are designed and manufactured in our Ivry la Bataille Facility (Normandy, France).

You can contact us directly at + or fill out a request form letting us know what category of sensors you require and we will help you find the precise product for your application.

EFE Sensors are used in various applications and we pride ourselves on the broad experience.
Being in the business for nearly 40 years, we have been able to develop numerous standard solutions for general use as well as dedicated ones for specific markets. Our sensors are used in the most difficult environements : Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Oil&Gas, Nuclear, Research…
However, we highly encourage our customers to contact us to discuss specific requirements as each application has its own unique needs.
Yes! EFEis well known in the industry for working with customers to deliver custom sensor solutions.
Please contact us directly and talk to our sales engineers or representatives.
We have 2 options to offer you :
1- If your request is closed to one of our standard products, we have the possibility to customized it. We will then issue a customer drawing describing main dimensions and specifications of your product for your review and approval. In case of order, you just have to mention this customer drawing reference which will be unique and reserved for you.
2- If none of our standard product fits to your request, or if you have particular requirements (such as qualification, long term availability…), we may be able to design a product according your specifications. In that case the sensor will have a specific and unique reference, reserved for you.
You can check some custom-made pressure sensors, here.

EFE is located in Ivry la Bataille, 70 kms west of Paris, in Normandy (France).
16 rue Porte a Bateaux
27540 Ivry la Bataille

See our location.

Closest airports are :  international Paris Charles de Gaulle (1h30) and national Paris Orly (1h).

If you would like to represent EFE’s products, please contact us : infos@efe-sensor.com.

We will gladly discuss our business vision and find opportunity that may suit you.

EFE will gladly review any candidates that are interested in joining our team. Send us your resume.

Should your experience suit our needs, we will contact you.

You can contact our Customer Service Department : infos@efe-sensor.com or by phone +33 2 32 22 35 05
If you want to get a quote, contact us at:
Phone: 33-2-32-22-35-05
E-mail: infos@efe-sensor.com
You can also use this form.
Your request will be transfered to our Customer Service Department or our Sales Representative in your area.
You will have notice from us very shortly.

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