Pressure transducer for nuclear applications

Our proprietary pressure sensing technology has been qualified up to very important dose of radiations (1000 kGy).

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It is common to define as “difficult” an application whose environment combines temperature, vibrations, shocks or even pressure pulses or water hammers. However, this notion covers other realities such as the use of highly corrosive fluids or the presence of high doses of radiation in the environment of the sensor.

EFE, supplier to the nuclear energy industry for many years, has developed and qualified solutions adapted to these demanding environments. We are thus able to provide high performance pressure sensors compatible with tritium, uranium hexafluoride (UF6), highly irradiated environments and strong magnetic fields. We have qualified our PNA161 sensor at a gamma radiation dose level of 1000kGy while maintaining very good signal stability.In these highly constrained environments, attention should be paid to the entire measurement chain to ensure quality measurements. It is for this reason that we offer the sensor, the electrical harness (connector and cable) and the signal conditioner adapted to the application’s environment. We can then deliver a complete radiation resistant pressure measurement system, calibrated and ready to use.

The presence of radiation is not exclusive to the nuclear area, it can be present in the medical or space field in particular. Integrating the PNA161 sensor into such applications will help ensure the reliability and longevity of your measurements.

Our flagship product


The innovative sensor PNA161 is based on ruggedized EFE proprietary thin film technology. The principle of this technology is a Wheatstone bridge which is sputtered on a metal diaphragm. This metal diaphragm is welded on the pressure port to assembly the sensor. With this technology, there is only stainless steel in contact with potential highly corrosive fluids (wetted parts). Moreover we can offer PNA161 with VCR pressure connection, which avoid the use of polymer O-rings, that could be not compatible with some fluids. Finally thin film is considered as a « dry » technology, as it doesn’t require to be encapsulated with silicon oil to offer a stainless design. Thus there is no risk of pollution of your system with the sensor’s oil.

PNA161 has been designed to operate in applications involving high gamma radiations. It has been qualified with gamma doses above 1000kGy, flow rate up to 21 kGy/h and flow rate variations up to 9.8 Gy/s2.

PNA161 delivers an unamplified output which can be conditioned by standard amplifiers. We can set up PNA161 with our AMP320, a signal conditioning device, fully analogue and without any software or firmware, to deliver a 0-10V or 4-20mA output. We can also supply the adapted cable assembly adapted to environments with radiations.

Being miniature and with low mass, PNA161 is ideal for applications where space is at a premium and generates less waste to be processed.

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