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Industrial Pressure Sensor for Accurate Measurements

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  • Built in digital electronic
  • CANopen protocol via CANbus
  • All Stainless steel
  • Large choice of connectors & threads


  • Railway
  • Instrumentation
  • Navy and shipbuilding applications
  • Test benchs

The PDS22C is a precision transmitter with CAN interface. The integrated interface has been designed according to the CANopen specification of the organisation CiA. The device profile 404 which is used has been designed by the CiA for the use in measuring and control instruments. This guarantees the compatibility with the systems of other manufacturers.

Technical specifications

Pressure ranges (FS)±100mbar  ;  ±250mbar  ;  ±500mbar  
250mbar  ;  700/1200mbar  ;  500mbar  
-1/+3bar  ;  -1/+5bar  ;  -1/+10bar  
1bar  ;  2bar  ;  3bar  ;  5bar  ;  10bar  ;  20bar  ;  40bar  ;  100bar  ;  250bar  ;  400bar  ;  600bar  
±1.5PSI  ;  ±3.5PSI  ;  ±7PSI  
-14.5/+40PSI  ;  -14.5/+70PSI  ;  -14.5/+150PSI  
3PSI  ;  8000PSI  ;  5PSI  ;  10PSI  ;  15PSI  ;  30PSI  ;  40PSI  ;  70PSI  ;  150PSI  ;  300PSI  ;  500PSI  ;  1500PSI  ;  3000PSI  ;  5000PSI  
Optional :
Type (for ranges > 40 bar)Sealed Gage
Mechanical connection1/4 Gaz A male
1/4 NPT male
M14x1.5-4h male
Optional :
1/2 Gaz A male (Gauge)
1/4 Gaz female
7/16-20 UNJF-3A male - MS33656-4
M10x1-4h male with 80° internal cone
M10x1-4h male 120° cone
Electrical connectionM12 Receptacle, 5 pins
Material(s) of wetted partsStainless Steel 316L
Stainless Steel 17-4PH
Stainless steel 15-5PH
Compensated temperature range0 to +60°C
Optional :
-25 to +85°C
Combined thermal zero & sensitivity shifts±0.02% FS/°C
Non linearity and hysteresis combined±0.1% FS
Non repeatability±0.02% FS typ.
Signal bandwidth16bit / 20ms
Product categoryHigh Performance Sensors
Industrial Sensors

Models Available

Modèle Power supply Output Signal ConsumptionPDF
PDS22C 8 to 30VdcCANOpen500mW max.pdf
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