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General Purpose Aerospace Pressure Transducer

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  • Robust and reliable sensor
  • Available with Built in Electronic
  • Large Bandwidth
  • All Stainless steel


  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Test benchs
  • OEM

The PGA220 series is a general purpose aerospace pressure sensor. The sensing element is an advanced piezo-resistive pressure module which together with the latest compensation techniques, provides high performance measurements. It is available with unamplified (mV/V) or amplified (Vdc, mA) outputs. Wetted parts being all stainless steel (other materials are available on request), the sensor is compatible with most media used in Aerospace industry, especially corrosive ones (Skydrol, Kerosene…). High accuracy pressure measurements on test bench is one of the main application for the PGA220. Thanks to compact dimensions and a large choice in mechanical and electrical connections, installation is easier.

Technical specifications

Pressure ranges (FS)-1/+2bar  ;  -1/+5bar  
3bar  ;  5bar  ;  10bar  ;  20bar  ;  40bar  ;  100bar  ;  250bar  ;  400bar  ;  600bar  
-14.5/+30PSI  ;  -14.5/+70PSI  
8000PSI  ;  40PSI  ;  70PSI  ;  150PSI  ;  300PSI  ;  500PSI  ;  1500PSI  ;  3000PSI  ;  10000PSI  ;  5000PSI  
Type (for ranges > 40 bar)Sealed Gage
Mechanical connection1/4 Gaz A male
M14x1.5-4h male
Optional :
7/16-20 UNJF-3A male - MS33656-4
M10x1-4h male with 80° internal cone
Electrical connectionHermetic MIL-C-26482 - 6 pins Receptacle
Optional :
MIL-DTL-38999 - 6 pins Receptacle
Material(s) of wetted partsStainless Steel 316L
Stainless Steel 17-4PH
Stainless steel 15-5PH
Compensated temperature range-55 to +125°C
Combined thermal zero & sensitivity shifts±0.03% FS/°C
Optional :
±0.02% FS/°C
Non linearity and hysteresis combined±0.25% FS
Optional :
±0.1% FS
Non repeatability±0.02% FS typ.
Signal bandwidth1000Hz @ -3dB
Product categoryHigh Performance Sensors
Specialty Sensors
Harsh Environment Sensors

Models Available

Modèle Power supply Output Signal ConsumptionPDF
PGA221 5 to 15VdcmV/V< 10mApdf
PGA224 8 to 30Vdc0-5Vdc< 10mApdf
PGA227 8 to 30Vdc0.5-4.5Vdc unregulated power supply< 10mApdf
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