Miniature, High Performance Pressure Sensors and Related Instruments


Technology and Capabilities

Design of pressure sensor using 3D CAD

Our Engineering Department is responsible for designing all our sensors, from sensing elements to state of the art PCBs.

To meet our customers’ high requirements, EFE decided very early on to develop its proprietary sensing technology for pressure transducers.

This technology, thin film, is manufactured mainly using a physical vapour deposit, and more precisely sputtering process on a metal diaphragm (stainless steel, titanium, inconel, hastelloy, etc.).

Thin film as used by EFE is the only technology which does not require any intermediary between the sensing element and the fluid to be measured as with an oil separator for silicon based sensors or O-rings for ceramic technology.

These intermediaries are a weak point regarding the reliability and performances requested in customer’s applications.

Calculation using finite element

With our technology, the diaphragm is welded on to the pressure port and our wetted parts are fully metallic (stainless steel, titanium, inconel, hastelloy, etc.). Moreover there is no risk of customer’s process pollution in case of burst pressure as our metallic thin film sensing module does not include any fluid.

Main advantages of EFE proprietary technology
Very limited shifts with temperature, easily correctable
Standard capability to measure negative pressure, down to –1bar gauge
High accuracy capability at ambiant and in the compensated temperature range (total error band)
Active compensation integrated directly on the diaphragm for very quick changes of temperature of the measured fluid
Long life and endurance to pressure cycles
Excellent long term stability
No internal seals, no oil separator
Direct compatibility with most corrosive fluids : oils, Skydrol, brake fluids, UF6, etc.
High temperature capability, from –55 up to +260°C, with limited thermal shifts

For low pressure purposes, we have developped our proprietary silicon-based technology, devoting every effort to achieve the highest performance in comparison to our thin film. That’s why our silicon piezo-resistive sensing element is all stainless steel (other material are optionnal), welded on pressure port (no O-ring) and with high temperature capability.

Thanks to a full control on different proprietary technologies, which are very complementary, we are able to offer you the right technology for your application.