Miniature, High Performance Pressure Sensors and Related Instruments


Pressure Sensors for Harsh Environment

Our products are designed to withstand the harshest environments. Supplying pressure sensors for on-board applications for over 35 years has made us aware of the constraints of such environments on sensors, especially miniature.
Our robust technology, associated with proven high quality electronics have been successfully used on board applications in automotive, motor sport, military and aerospace applications.

Harsh environments for our sensors consist often in applications combining high levels of shocks, vibrations, accelerations and temperature.

Nevertheless unsuitable sensors can also be damaged by corrosive fluids, radiations (nuclear), pressure pulsations or spikes.

In all these cases we are offering dedicated proven solutions. Our thin film technology has many advantages, being 100% metallic, capable of high numbers of pressure cycles and adapted to gamma radiation environments.
Our manufacturing process, with adapted burn-in and high numbers of quality controls applied at 100% of our production, as well as the choice of high quality components, is a guarantee of the reliability of our sensors in your application.

Applications : on-board vehicule, flight test, missile, nuclear applications, satellite,etc.


Design All metallic construction
Designed for harshest environments
Wetted parts Stainless Steel, Titanium or Inconel
No internal O-rings
Media compatibility Compatible with corrosive fluids
Features Reliable and long term stable measurements


Standard for Harsh Environments


Sub Miniature Sensor


Sensor for Extreme Temperature