Miniature, High Performance Pressure Sensors and Related Instruments


Miniature Pressure Sensors

With over 35 years of experience, we have developed a unique range of miniature and sub-miniature pressure transducers. This complete range includes:
– Low pressure (from 100 mbar), high pressure (up to 3000 bar) and negative/positive pressure ranges (from –1 bar).
– Unamplified sensors,
– Transducers with analogue or digital built-in electronics
– Standard or high accuracy with digitally corrected transducers offering ultimate total error band including all errors in the compensated temperature range (0.1% fs).
– Large temperature capability: from –60°C to 260°C for unamplified sensors and –55°C to +175°C for amplified transducers.
– High dynamic capability with semi-flush diaphragms
– High performance built-in electronics adapted to on-board applications (8-16V or 8-30V power supply), high bandwidth capability (up to 5 or 10 kHz), low noise, low consumption (<10 mA) and related protection.
– All stainless steel, titanium or inconel construction allowing compatibility with corrosive media
– Robust construction proven in the harshest environments

Applications where space is limited and weight critical : gear box & engine development, satellite, missile, aerospace, motorsport


Type Absolute, Gage, Sealed Gage and Differential
Pressure Ranges 0-100 mbar up to 0-3000 bar
Outputs Unamplified or amplified -both analogue and digital built-in electronics
Accuracy Up to ± 0.05% fs
Error Band Up to ± 0.1% fs over compensated temperature range
temperature From –55 up to +260°C
Materials All titanium, stainless steel or inconel
Bandwidth Models available compatible with dynamic measurements
Consumption Low : < 10mA


Miniature for Harsh Environments


Subminiature and High Temperature


For dynamic measurements