Miniature, High Performance Pressure Sensors and Related Instruments


Pressure Sensors for Specific Applications

Our product line includes a large choice of specific pressure sensors dedicated to applications.

In this category, you will find :

- Aerospace pressure transducer qualified according RTCA 160 D0

- Compact differential pressure transducers for wet/wet measurements

- High pressure sensor, up to 3000 bar

- Ruggedized pressure transducer for industrial use

- Flush and semi-flush pressure sensors for dynamic applications

- Multi-components sensors with pressure and temperature measurements in the same product

- High pressure and high temperature sensors for oil&gas applications

- Pressure transducer with galvanic isolation (0-5Vdc) for use in EMC perturbated environments

If you don’t find the right product for your project, do not hesitate to contact us. We may find it in the numerous solutions we have already developped for customer’s applications.


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